Basic Rules to Follow in Checking Webmail
To check your email through an Internet browser

Login with your Internet browser at:

You may get an error message about the website's securtity certificate - just click continue.

Type in your full email address along with your password when prompted.

Select SquirrelMail

Click here for SquirrelMail Instructions

SquirrelMail is the most widely used webmail program. Click on any of the web based email programs above for further instructions.

Webmail is email that is live on our servers. You can also use an email client such as Outlook Express, Outlook, Netscape, Eudora, Pegasus, and etc. that will download the email from the server to your computer. Webmail is useful when you are away from your computer and can't download the email through an email client; you can simply login from any computer and check your webmail.

Also keep in mind, if your store your email on the webmail server it will fill up your email box and can cause the email to go over your quota. When you delete email on the server (webmail) be sure to delete it from your trash so it doesn't fill up your email box.

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